Imagine if you could stop guessing at your blog’s successes & weak spots –
to KNOW how each article is performing

blogger typing on a laptop in wordpress

It’s such a pain to look at post-level information in Google Analytics.

You end up focused on your top 10 posts to optimize & call it a day. You bound to wonder what’s going on beyond the top 10

Do you know if on of the top 10 has been bleeding traffic slowly over the last 3 months?

Do you need to build out a cluster of content around the 14th highest traffic post? Can you tell that #14 (that you just published 3 months ago) is surging with traffic on your site?

Not sure which articles are hurting or helping your site’s performance?

Your time is spent in the publishing workflow instead of digging around in Google Analytics.

As it should be.

I get it. I had the hardest time keeping up with all of my posts. 

After publishing 100 articles on a site, I couldn’t help but wonder how they’re doing. 

I kept my top 10 optimized, but was I bleeding traffic for the ‘hidden’ 11-20 articles?

What if there is a post getting traction that I could build a pillar around?

Opportunity knocking!

I got fed-up with the unknown and built an automated report to help me understand my article traffic.

I now spend under 1 hour a month & know what to optimize & where to focus content efforts.


Page Performance Tracker

Track your blog’s page-level traffic like a pro with this spreadsheet

Never miss a traffic drop or an opportunity to capitalize on increased visits

Here’s What You Get:

Google Sheets Analysis Workbook

Easy-to-connect spreadsheet that links directly to your Google Analytics

Video walk-through to connect

Custom tips built-in that appear based on the site’s performance

Best Practices Framework

Make the most of the reporting in the least amount of time

4-step framework to identify posts that need a competition analysis and a content upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not a numbers person?

You don’t have to be! The spreadsheet does the math for you.  Month over month, year over year, it calculates it all for you.

Do I need to have Google Analytics on my site?

You do need to have Google Analytics installed already to have historical information for comparison, but once installed, the spreadsheet does the heavy lifting for you.

Will it take a lot of time or is it super technical?

The connection is a matter of pasting a Google Analytics View ID into the cell of a spreadsheet. Run from the menu bar, and everything populates for you.

Will this spreadsheet work with Excel or Numbers?

You can download results, but the connection to Google Analytics happens inside of Sheets. 

Is this for Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4?

This is for Universal Analytics (UA), but you’ll want to make sure you have Analytics 4 installed, too. At some point, Google will turn off UA and you will want that history collecting NOW! You’ll get the GA4 version sent to you FREE in the next 60 days.

Will I need to pay for any other tools?

Nope! Google Analytics is Free. Sheets is Free. Just get to analyzing with what is already available to you.


Are you ready to start measuring what matters in your business?

This is for you if


You are willing to get your hands dirty enough to connect your analytics <copy & paste style>


You know that your content is like digital real estate that needs TLC sometimes


You want to dig deeper but are over fumbling around Google Analytics

This is not for you if


You aren’t out of the ghost town phase yet. Go hit publish!

You buy all the tools but don’t get around to using them.


You are looking for support with taxes or bookkeeping



Know which pages are losing traffic in under 5 minutes!