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Before you go… Pinpoint the EXACT posts losing (or gaining) traffic with the PAGE CHANGE HOTSPOTS

Unlock the Power of Analytics: Know Which Posts are LOSING or GAINING Traffic

Without Digging in Google Analytics for Hours

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Great Google Analytics guide to start looking at post-level detail

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Google Analytics has so much information in their reports that it is hard to figure out what you need to look at when!

➡️ Figuring out which pages are growing or bleeding traffic is hard to pinpoint
➡️ Your posts’ performance doesn’t have to be a black-box mystery until it’s too late
➡️ Plus, if you’ve only been focusing on the top 10 posts, you might have a dark horse sitting around

That’s where the Page Change Hotspots comes in

➡️ You’ll know at a glance which pages have big swings in traffic from last month
➡️ You’ll also see how each post looks compared to last year
➡️ You’ll know exactly what posts you need to investigate in less than 5 minutes


Page Change Hotspots

Load in your site’s View ID, and you’ll have access to every page on your site that has GAINED or LOST 5% of traffic from last month

➡️ Google sheet link with instructions to copy it to your Google account (to use on as many sites as you want)
➡️ Instructions to save as Microsoft Excel
➡️ Video walk-through for set-up instructions
➡️ One tab to know what pages to optimize first AND FAST!


Hi, I'm Renee text on top of Renee photo

I’ve been using data analytics in corporate settings, and I know that data has the power to transform businesses.

Along the way I found blogging which led to YouTube which led to email marketing and the list goes on.

I’ve combined my experience in analytics with my passion for content creation to build tools, systems and frameworks that help you focus on hitting publish – strategically!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not a numbers person?

You don’t have to be! The spreadsheet does the math for you. Just use a filter if you want to target the pages you want to.

Do I need to have Google Analytics on my site?

Yes. This report is intended for Universal Analytics, and to see data, you’ll need it to have been on the site for 2 months. I’m also building this out for GA4, and you’ll get a version of that FREE when released.

Will this spreadsheet work with Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers?

You can download results if you’d like, but the connection to Google Analytics happens inside of Sheets. You can’t refresh the connections in Excel or Numbers.

When will this item ship?

No shipping here! You’ll have a digital product delivered in the form of a PDF with a link to access a Google Sheets spreadsheet.


Page Change Hotspots

Know which pages are losing traffic in under 5 minutes!