All set with Google Analytics 4, or is that still stressing you out?


Somehow I’ve hit my 2 year anniversary for being a content creator, and it’s only over the past couple of months that I have felt in a kind of rhythm in my systems. I’m not falling prey to shiny object syndrome in the same way that I used to, and I’m getting content across platforms out more consistently. This is coming from when I’d always feel behind as a blogger in the past. 

Yes, I still have a fulfilling full-time job. I have a family, and I have this content thing.

I even added this site as an outlet and another, fun way to document my processes. Yes, this is fun! I also want it to be a legitimate business, and something clicked ~6 months ago that it could be a real thing. My goal is to replace my corporate job’s salary. Even if I don’t decide to leave, it’s one heck of a fun goal!

So it’s been a bit of a journey to actually treat this as more than just a hobby when I feel like. When I have time. Who has extra time?

No one I know. We make time for what’s important, so that’s what I did.

Time Blocking as a Content Creator

I have all of these hats, and sometimes I even wear them. Wife, mom, sister, employee, friend, and then I throw in the desire to show up in all of these arenas. Oh and eat well. And garden. And workout.

Something absolutely freeing happened when I nailed in on a flow that works for me. It has taken me years to find something that works with the ability to feel ok even if I muck up the week.

Read more on time blocking here, but essentially this is my current flow.

My current time blocking schedule with mon-fri with batches of time for business, work, health, and family

I am an early riser, but I go to bed early, too. I’m not micro scheduling my day this way, but I still know what I’m tackling.

I woke up today. I edited the video I recorded the Saturday before last. I wasn’t able to edit last Tuesday & Wednesday because of a work hiccup that had me work 2 14 hour days. It’s fine. I continued on my plan on Thursday with blog content. Did I feel behind as a blogger or YouTuber or any other title? It registered mentally for a moment, and then I carried on.

I knew what I was doing without thinking, so before my brain could argue I was already editing. With coffee, of course. Yes, I would have liked to get out that video last week, but before I’d be in overwhelm trying to play catch up. 

Wrapped up in all of this is that I decided that I need to pick a priority.

Pick Your Priorities

Yes, I can have multiple sites and platforms, but they have a priority in my head. My primary niche blog is #1. YouTube is #2. Then the other niche blogs get some love.

Had I been behind on the blog, I would have given up on recording Saturday to make sure the writing or even writers have what they need before dealing with the video stuff. Those priorities!

I had some extra time this afternoon, so I’m popping in an extra blog post on this fun site. Because it feels good. That’s the difference. I’m ahead on my weekly top 3 I set, and I want to write. Let’s write!

be strategic text over a styled desk

Simplify Your Inputs

I used to listen to all the blog ‘experts’, YouTube ‘experts’, and business ‘experts’. This mostly looks like podcasts while I shower or drive.

These days I have thinned who I will listen to. It’s not that they weren’t all good even though I’m throwing air quotes around like a crazy person over here. It is just that their opinions and ideas would overwhelm what I needed to do for the day.

I planned to edit a video, so why am I trying out a new writing service? Why am I digging into the guest interviewed on this podcast episode from 14 months ago?

I’ve decided on those that can have my attention, and even then I’m selective about which episodes make it to the ‘Download’ category. 

Unsubscribe and unfollow. Simplifying what you’re taking in really propels what you’re able to create!

Weekly CEO Date

One of the podcasts I listen to regularly is Promote Yourself to CEO. The host, Racheal Cook, has very consistent messaging, so even when she changes things up, it’s still a refresher on managing my business like a business (even if I’m doing it in a t-shirt, shorts with no shows).

While I do many of the things she has shared over the years to strategically run your business, the Weekly CEO date is the thing that helps me remember to map out my months and quarters and such. It’s the thing that helps me look at the elements of what makes up a successful blog in a strategic way.

Looking at what you need to accomplish over the menial tasks you’ll find yourself doing when procrastinating or just by operating without a plan is a sure fire way to not feel behind as a blogger.

I have to add that Racheal’s target audience isn’t really me. She’s talking to business owners that offer services or programs. Think coaching or more 1 on 1 client work. I’m on the early side of building a business that is focused on quality content with some level of volume via organic traffic for eyeballs. Those eyeballs bring in revenue through ads and affiliates. Could I see a product later. Yes. Maybe.

Regardless, the biggest thing I’ve adapted to a content based business is what she has coined a CEO Score.

The point is to spend your precious time on the tasks that will move your business forward instead of tweaking your website or hanging out managing your email all day. 

I had to adapt it because I wanted it to reflect the nature of the business that I’m running, but the idea is the same. Spend your time doing the higher value tasks. Run your business & look for ways to delegate through hiring, outsourcing or automation as you’re able to do so.

Leave me a note if you’re interested in seeing where I land with my Content Creator based weekly productivity score. Once I implemented my own version, it has really helped motivate me & served as another reminder to steer clear of those shiny objects.

Keep Creating

Keep going. That’s really the key to content creators and bloggers that I see. They keep showing up, and they continue to try to provide value through information or entertainment. Do it consistently.

I don’t have it all figured out, but that’s how I’m at least managing my days, weeks & beyond to keep from feeling so behind.