All set with Google Analytics 4, or is that still stressing you out?


Structured Creator

Hi! I’m Renee

Corporate data analyst turned content creator means I help YOU make data-driven decisions with your content.

I’ve been helping Fortune companies use their data as a strategic advantage. Now I’m focused on helping content creators do the same.


I’ve been problem-solving with data for my whole career

I did it a Travelers Insurance, JPMorgan Chase, INEOS and UnitedHealthcare. I get known internally as a problem-solver, and then I’d be poached by departments. Build me a ____ that solves _____. 

Sure! I love to build solutions with excited colleagues.

But like many during the height of the pandemic, I looked for new hobbies. Enter content creation. And you know how it goes. You suddenly are learning blogging, social media, community management, video editing, email marketing & so much more & then start working with experts.

Layer all of this into a data problem-solver, and I’ve created some great spreadsheets, dashboards, and have learned what works. But I’m like you – and still learning on the daily as the industry changes just as much!


“Our customer experience needed some attention, and Renee helped us develop KPIs and an automated reporting package using our in-house tools that within 2 weeks of implementation, got us meeting our goals. We just didn’t know what we didn’t know until we had the right data in front of our leadership team.”

– Tommie H

“Thank you for making my Google Analytics approachable! I have what I need when I need it. I was definitely avoiding it all before.”

– Angela